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Dedicated to Benefit the Children of Maui

Outer Island Images

Our Mission


This website is dedicated to the memory of Ron Cassidy. Ron was a dedicated surfer, artist and longtime resident of the island of Maui who was passionate about the land and water of our planet. In July of 2007 Ron passed away while surfing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. He leaves behind a legacy for his amazing style of surfing and for being such an honest and humble man. We started this website in his honor to continue spreading his message about the environment and sharing his art with others.


One goal of this site is to raise the funds necessary to promote a Ron Cassidy Memorial Surf Contest for children. Its main purpose will be to help the children of Maui understand the true meaning of sportsmanship, a great tradition in competition that means handling both victory and defeat with grace and style.


We have been blessed by an amazing person such as Ron, and we hope you will feel his passion for painting the beauty around him, the ocean and his love for surfing as you look through his site.


God bless and keep surfing!